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How to pick articles Directory - Evaluation Guidelines

This morning I received a note from an article site, that we won't name. They were telling me that they are excited to let me realize that my article have been approved which it had been now live. Getting the notice didn't excite me. And that i had already decided that I would not submit an article for them again. After hearing the backdrop, you might understand why. You will also learn to choose article directory sites for SEO purposes in the process.

The article have been submitted over 3 months prior. The first time I emailed support at this particular directory, I reminded them that the fourteen days for evaluating the submission was past. I additionally managed to get clear which i was evaluating remarkable ability to provide on the promises before I considered spending money on a premium membership.

Per month later, the content was still being pending. I emailed again asking once they would approve the article. I almost pulled the content, but after checking their author's guidelines, I realized that I could post the content around the blog I was establishing for that article's niche. I posted the content on the blog and chose to observe how long they'd take.

Why am I sharing this short article directory story of woe?

When choosing which article directories you are going to post your well-written article on, you need to consider several factors. Even if an article directory shows up on the list of the "best article directories" on the web, there might be more you should know before you decide to post your posts on that site. This site was in the top five on several lists.

In order to evaluate articles directory's quality, you must do some investigation. Here are some important questions to ask.

Does your directory ask you for a fee to publish articles, or to get better service?

A good article directory should have a totally free option that permits you to decide if their directory produces the results you are seeking. In exchange for not having to pay anything, you are very likely the review process to consider between seven days to Fourteen days.

If the article directory does not have your article submissions live within the time frame it promises, how will you trust the directory's word that it only accepts the very best quality articles? If your directory is so swamped that it can't review free submissions on time, then there is a real risk that anybody who is willing to pay the membership fee will get their 24 hour review in the cost of quality.

It is my opinion that the article directory that needs authors to submit a minimum quantity of articles for review before an author is permitted to purchase "premium author" rights is really a directory that is committed to ensuring that the job it publishes meets a certain standard. This is a practice that may prevent non-authors from gaming the system.

article directory

Would be the articles around the directory of excellent quality?

Generally, the caliber of the articles within an article directory reflects the value of posting on the directory. You may expect every article directory to possess some articles that slip through after an author has achieved their expert author status, or whatever title your directory gives to someone who has submitted the absolute minimum number of articles for review. Sometimes writers let up after they've attained "status."

What you're searching for are directories in which the articles aren't advertisements, are well written and aren't stuffed with keywords. There are many who have good reputations. And the recent Google changes don't necessary reflect which ones these are. Skip around the site for various topics. If you discover good content on each search phrase, then you are probably on a good article site.

Can articles be submitted without going through review?

Beware of sites that do not review your articles before they're going live. A website that doesn't review the quality of submissions is potentially a website that Google will see as a "content farm." The very best article sites are experiencing Google's latest "farm" algorithms. Don't expect sites that don't monitor the quality of their material to help you with long-term positive SEO goals.

articles directory

Does your directory require your submissions to be your original work?

It will. Some directories go as far as to require you to have never published your article anywhere else on the internet. This services your directory well by giving it link supremacy with Google.

If you are seeking primary link authority, then you may would rather use directories where you can publish your article like a blog post in addition to submit it for publication on the article site. Which strategy works well with you'll depend on in which you be prepared to get a most traffic from. For many businesses, a blog needs to be a principal SEO strategy, while for other people article marketing is much more successful at generating leads. In case your primary focus is B2B then the blog might be your best strategy if you can't publish articles in trade journals. For any B2C company, article promotion can be quite successful.

In either scenario, it is vital that the directories you publish to do not accept private label rights articles and do NOT accept revised content (even of your articles). You need to only submit your posts to directories that require that you provide articles with new and fresh material.

The quality of the article directories you choose to use determines the long-term success of the article promotion efforts. Don't be satisfied with not directories that pass the screening provided whenever you answer these questions.

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